Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery Trailer Shows a Good Game, after all

I’m pretty meh when it comes to playing mobile games, especially free to play mobile games that hit you with a Pay Wall harder than Mike Tyson hit his opponents’ back in the days, before he started chewing up on human ears.

But I digress… the truth is that I don’t really like mobile games, even though I play my fair share of them instead of doing something productive with my time. Or so my mother says. And when I found out that Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery is an upcoming free-to-play mobile RPG developed by Portkey Games (Warner Bros’ own gaming studio created specifically for working on Harry Potter games) and Jam City (a mobile gaming developer known for silly match three titles), I was sure that I’m going to be even more meh than even when the game launches.

But, oh my, I might’ve been wrong actually! I just saw a trailer for the upcoming game on AugmentedWizards.com, read a bunch of details about the upcoming title and ended up quite surprised! It looks like we might actually have a winner here.

So, from the early details that I managed to collect, it appears that Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery will be an RPG with a heavy focus on choices that you make and building relations. Whenever I hear that a game’s story arcs change based on the choice I make, I already start to feel like a mini-God and give a few extra points to that particular game. And it’s exactly what Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery plans to do!

You will start out as a wannabe wizard or witch that has just been accepted at Hogwarts and you’ll have to go through all the basics: you’ll have to select a pet first, get into one of the four houses of the game, learn to cast spells and other magical-related stuff, then work on building friendships and rivalries, explore Hogwarts and its surroundings and complete tons of quests in pure RPG fashion.

Well, my friends, this sounds pretty damn good, actually! And the fact that you can choose your path – probably like becoming a good wizard or a bad, Draco Malfoy badass, is the frosting on the cake! Of course, you won’t actually get to meet Draco or any of Harry Potter’s friends – nor Harry himself, despite the title of the game, because the story is set sometime between his birth and his first year at Hogwarts.

At least you’ll meet some other familiar faces, as seen in the trailer: good ol’ Hagrid, professor Snape and Professor McGonagall, but the screenshot released by the developers also shows Dumbledore, so we might be in for another surprise appearance or two.

In terms of gameplay, it’s not yet very clear how things will really stand. I managed to catch a glimpse of gameplay that everybody else seems to have missed in the trailer, and it shows a bit of a game between a character and one of his or her rivals:

Most likely this will be a sort of a minigame that will be part of the full experience. Which sounds nice, because minigames add variety and variety is what I love about my games. Just make sure to make stuff complex too. Ok, Jam City?

Now let’s move on and check out the teaser trailer for Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery as I am sure that’s what you’re really interested in. Afterwards, I will share with you a few nice screen captures that give us all the reasons to be excited about the upcoming mobile RPG:

Really interesting! I actually found it entertaining and it made me really curious. I am a big Harry Potter fan, that’s true, so that might be my Achilles Heel, but it might also be that we’re finally getting a worthwhile mobile game that I won’t fully hate. I truly hope it’s the latter!

Now, as promised, let’s check out some Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery screen captures from the trailer that show us nice things in the upcoming game:

This is how your story begins. You’re about to become a wizard (or a witch!) Cool stuff!
Apparently, learning spells and magical skills will play an important role in the game. Hopefully there’ll be some sort of specialization involved in order to make things even more interesting and offer us more options.
Familiar faces galore. One of the favorite characters in the movie series makes an appearance and will probably teach us a thing or two about magic!
Probably this “rival battle” will be some other type of mini game that we’ll get to play in the game. I see potential for PvP here, so fingers crossed for that!

There’s no official word on the actual release date of Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery, but the Augmented Wizards website that I mentioned earlier said that the game’s coming this spring, so they probably know better.