Some play harder, I play LOUDER!

What I lack in finesse when it comes to playing games, I make up for in intensity. I always thought about myself, during a fit of rage, that I am gaming like a mad ape. I also find myself thinking that I actually have something to say about video games and the video gaming culture in general.

I combined both and this is how Mad Ape Games was born. I was born. The Mad Ape. Who games. Mad Ape Games. Got it?

When I’m not the Mad Ape playing games and writing about video games and gaming culture, friends call me Vitek. I’m not even sharing my actual name with you since it’s even more difficult to pronounce by the English audience. (OK, if you insist, it is Vitezslav). I have the same name as a famous javelin thrower in my home country. Unfortunately, I have absolutely no physical skills in real life. I’m 22, so I still have time to learn. Or get a girlfriend.

OK… awkward stuff apart, it’s time to move on and start working on Mad Ape Games. I have a lot of plans for this website and it will become the single best independently run website on the planet. Or second-best at most. You’ll see.

I want to cover gaming news and share my opinions about the gaming world with integrity, skill and intensity. Bear with me as I’m not a native English speaker (born and raised in the Czech Republic, I am!) so I might write strange stuff that makes no sense every now and then. But as long as that doesn’t always happen, we’re good to go.

So what will Mad Ape Games be about?

The most awesome(est) video games available to mankind and mankings. Femalequeens as well.

OK, back to the topic, I am planning to write as well as I can about various gaming-related things. I will debate whether a game is good or not, I will help you beat the games you’re playing and I will often rant over the free-to-play model which is ruining the gaming world as we know it.

Thanks for visiting and I hope that you’ll spend some quality time on my blog! Feel free to add a comment and follow me on social media and make me famous. Make this blog famous as well. And enjoy it!

Game on!