MARVEL Future Fight Welcomes Deadpool and More to Its Rooster in Latest Update

A brand new update for the popular mobile game MARVEL Future Fight brings a heap of new features and goodies for players, as well as a brand new (and highly anticipated) new character: the antihero that everybody loves. Deadpool. Yay!

Of course, Deadpool is not the only new character brought into play – but it surely is the fans favorite. The latest game update introduces five new characters, including Deadpool, Psylocke, Domino, Fantomex and Stryfe, and two new X-Force uniforms for Cable and Colossus.

The game update also adds a new Epic Quest based off of X-Force and Deadpool and will allow players to acquire Deadpool instantly when beginning the new quest. Players can upgrade Deadpool by progressing through the Epic Quest.

You can check out a quick trailer showing all the goodies:

Players can also get excited for other changes, including Tier-3 upgrades and new ultimate skills for Deadpool in this latest update. Additionally, various events are added to celebrate the update and Marvel Studio’s 10 Year Anniversary. Players will be able to acquire rewards including 6 6-Star characters and Tier-2 Advancement Tickets through the Check-In Calendar, and acquire items for Deadpool’s advancement by trading in event quest tokens.

MARVEL Future Fight recently celebrated its third anniversary, hosting special in-game events for its more than 86 million players around the world. The game is currently available worldwide in the App Store and Google Play as a free download and if you somehow missed it by now, it’s time to download and start playing. It’s really good!

Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery Trailer Shows a Good Game, after all

I’m pretty meh when it comes to playing mobile games, especially free to play mobile games that hit you with a Pay Wall harder than Mike Tyson hit his opponents’ back in the days, before he started chewing up on human ears.

But I digress… the truth is that I don’t really like mobile games, even though I play my fair share of them instead of doing something productive with my time. Or so my mother says. And when I found out that Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery is an upcoming free-to-play mobile RPG developed by Portkey Games (Warner Bros’ own gaming studio created specifically for working on Harry Potter games) and Jam City (a mobile gaming developer known for silly match three titles), I was sure that I’m going to be even more meh than even when the game launches.

But, oh my, I might’ve been wrong actually! I just saw a trailer for the upcoming game on, read a bunch of details about the upcoming title and ended up quite surprised! It looks like we might actually have a winner here.

So, from the early details that I managed to collect, it appears that Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery will be an RPG with a heavy focus on choices that you make and building relations. Whenever I hear that a game’s story arcs change based on the choice I make, I already start to feel like a mini-God and give a few extra points to that particular game. And it’s exactly what Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery plans to do!

You will start out as a wannabe wizard or witch that has just been accepted at Hogwarts and you’ll have to go through all the basics: you’ll have to select a pet first, get into one of the four houses of the game, learn to cast spells and other magical-related stuff, then work on building friendships and rivalries, explore Hogwarts and its surroundings and complete tons of quests in pure RPG fashion.

Well, my friends, this sounds pretty damn good, actually! And the fact that you can choose your path – probably like becoming a good wizard or a bad, Draco Malfoy badass, is the frosting on the cake! Of course, you won’t actually get to meet Draco or any of Harry Potter’s friends – nor Harry himself, despite the title of the game, because the story is set sometime between his birth and his first year at Hogwarts.

At least you’ll meet some other familiar faces, as seen in the trailer: good ol’ Hagrid, professor Snape and Professor McGonagall, but the screenshot released by the developers also shows Dumbledore, so we might be in for another surprise appearance or two.

In terms of gameplay, it’s not yet very clear how things will really stand. I managed to catch a glimpse of gameplay that everybody else seems to have missed in the trailer, and it shows a bit of a game between a character and one of his or her rivals:

Most likely this will be a sort of a minigame that will be part of the full experience. Which sounds nice, because minigames add variety and variety is what I love about my games. Just make sure to make stuff complex too. Ok, Jam City?

Now let’s move on and check out the teaser trailer for Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery as I am sure that’s what you’re really interested in. Afterwards, I will share with you a few nice screen captures that give us all the reasons to be excited about the upcoming mobile RPG:

Really interesting! I actually found it entertaining and it made me really curious. I am a big Harry Potter fan, that’s true, so that might be my Achilles Heel, but it might also be that we’re finally getting a worthwhile mobile game that I won’t fully hate. I truly hope it’s the latter!

Now, as promised, let’s check out some Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery screen captures from the trailer that show us nice things in the upcoming game:

This is how your story begins. You’re about to become a wizard (or a witch!) Cool stuff!
Apparently, learning spells and magical skills will play an important role in the game. Hopefully there’ll be some sort of specialization involved in order to make things even more interesting and offer us more options.
Familiar faces galore. One of the favorite characters in the movie series makes an appearance and will probably teach us a thing or two about magic!
Probably this “rival battle” will be some other type of mini game that we’ll get to play in the game. I see potential for PvP here, so fingers crossed for that!

There’s no official word on the actual release date of Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery, but the Augmented Wizards website that I mentioned earlier said that the game’s coming this spring, so they probably know better.

What Should Gamers Eat?

When I’m addicted to a game, and I mean seriously addicted, I’m talking not even sure whether it’s day or night, I go into what I call a gamer fugue. Basically it’s that period where you sit in your favorite chair or on your bed and say to yourself, “Just ten more minutes” for a good three or four days. There’s nothing wrong with these fugues of course, except I have the nasty habit of forgetting I need to eat or sleep in order to live. The last time I was seriously afflicted was when I got Final Fantasy Tactics Advance so very long ago. But addictions come and go as new amazing games are launched every day (kind of, at least).

Every gamer, whether they’re in their zone or in a fugue has to eat. Period. I’ve been waiting for Nintendo to come out with its intravenous nunchuck attachment that just feeds mashed food directly into the body, but it hasn’t yet gotten past its testing phases.

The times I venture over to notorious gamer friends’ houses, there’s always an interesting combination of foods on the table next to the gaming chair.

Cheetos and Doritos have become iconic in gamer culture. Everyone laughs when someone parodies the famous, “WHERE ARE THE CHEETOS?” line, but who are we kidding? It’s not a parody anymore. Cheetos and doritos fall under the snack food category, which basically means that they’re filling and require no preparation before eating except ripping the bag open.

I feel required to mention Mountain Dew. I rarely drink the stuff unless I need some sort of quick sugar kick to keep me awake. If I’m on the last page of a paper and there are no red bulls, I go to the hall vending machine and buy a mountain dew. Otherwise, to me, it tastes like limey-sugar water. For a time I loved the Code Red, but it’s become increasingly hard to find in these parts. Everyone is hooked on the Baja Blast or whatever it is, and I can’t stand that stuff. Mountain Dew always plays to the fact that a lot of gamers drink it. But I am not a huge fan.

Taco Bell. I am addicted to their restaurant chain. They’re normally open the latest, so when that midnight hunger kicks in between games of Rock Band, Taco Bell is where it’s at. Not exactly the most healthy choice, but every once in a while isn’t going to kill you (hopefully, or I’m screwed). Just…try not to sleep directly after eating their food. If you’ve done it, you know why I would warn people about it.

Pizza is always an option when you don’t have time to go out, or the weather is bad. My suggestion, though, is instead of ordering the pizza out, what we did was one of my friends got one of those home pizza ovens. Now all we do is bring a couple of Digiorno or whatever pizzas to where ever we’re going and set up there. It’s a hell of a lot cheaper, and you don’t get all the hassle and grease that comes with a regular pizza chain.

Candy, candy, candy omnomnom. I am a candy addict, I admit it. I got made fun of on ventrilo during raids because I always had some sort of candy in my mouth while trying to explain a raid encounter in World of Warcraft. Skittles, Starbursts, Hershey’s Miniatures, I love’em all. I try to limit my supply, now, though I do still splurge. The way I cope with not having something sweet in front of me during my game time is by chewing sugarless gum. I’m turning into my grandparents, but whatever. The only downside is how quickly I go through packs of gum nowadays.

A health nut would look at the list I’ve just comprised and probably pop their monocle right into their tea. Can you really blame them? It’s one thing to get together to game one night every week and enjoy all the snacks listed above, but I’m sure people reading know at least one person who eats like that daily. If you are like that, I’m not judging your lifestyle here, just trying to offer some suggestions to help.

The thing all those foods have in common is that they’re easy to grab and hold in one hand while using the other hand to hold a controller. There aren’t any spoons or glasses involved. Though the slime that tends to get all over said controller while eating greasy food is quite disgusting.

Consider replacing your easy to grab finger foods with vegetables. Oh yeah, I hear you groaning out there. Remember the days when you were a kid and would come home to sliced apples and oranges? Me neither. But still. Some baby carrots, celery, apples, they’re all finger foods and exceptionally easy to hold while playing, without any of the grease. Even if you don’t quite want to replace the pizza section of the food pyramid quite yet, try replacing the Doritos and Cheetos with fruits and veggies.

There’s no reason for them to be bland. Stick some peanut butter on your apples and celery, and a little bit of ranch or dressing on the carrots. The key is moderation. If you slather the entire baby carrot in a coating of ranch thicker than your thumb, you might as well still be eating the cheetos.

As for drinks, organic fruit juice is not going to spontaneously make the guys out there grow a vagina just from drinking it. Replace your mountain dew with some orange juice. It still comes in bottles and is just as easy to drink. Just make sure you check the amount of actual juice. It might taste like Florida orange juice, but did you read the label that said it’s only 1% juice? Yikes. You can get that much nutritional value from a lifesaver.

If fruit juice isn’t your thing, try water or flavored water. A lot of brands are actually fizzy water, so it’s like drinking a soft drink anyway. Just slightly less unhealthy.

Getting together and splurging out on junk food once in a while isn’t a big deal, really. I do it too. But the next time you’re going into your gamer fugue, try sitting down with a bottle of water and a plate of apples instead of the alternative, which would leave that nasty coat of orange gunk on your fingers anyway.

See if You Can Do Better than Donald with Government Simulator, New Game Coming Soon

I enjoy playing political simulator type of games, even though most of them are not really complex and don’t offer a flawless experience (I am mainly talking about the Democracy series here).

But this type of game is still extremely addictive and nice to play, especially because everybody believes that they can do better than the current leadership, no matter where they are in the world. Or at least so I assume. Well, Government Simulator gives you a chance to give it a try, albeit just virtually. Still better than nothing.

Created by Austrian-based studio Ambiera, Government Simulator seems to be a really complex text-based game that is definitely not suitable for all gamers, but for those who enjoy playing deeper simulations or strategy games, it could offer countless hours of fun.

The official statement tells players that “the game simulates a whole country: Population, debt, GDP, economic growth, unempolyment, crime, life expectancy, birth rate, mortality rate, state of the infrastructure and so on. The player can adjust budgets, taxes, laws, and see what the outcome is.”

This would be what makes it or breaks it, depending on the simulation models and how true to real life they really are and how everything else ticks in the game.

There are military options as well, so you can start a war with any country in the world, and adjust its operation mode while the conflict is active. But be sure not to let it run out of control. Some countries for example also have a nuclear option, of course.

The game also includes a media and public relations system, where you can read the most interesting headlines, and try to influence the media with PR stunts, interviews, and similar.

When the game launches, you’ll only be able to play USA, Germany, Russia, France, and Austria – but more scenarios and countries will be available for download and I am sure that the modding community can’t wait to start working on improving the game even further once it’s out.

So yes, this seems to be a really big game with a huge level of depth, which is exactly what you need from a political simulator and what few games (if any) actually deliver. Now we just have to wait and see if it really pays out in the end.

Well, I guess we’ll see for ourselves pretty soon, as the game is set to be released on December 4th, 2017 for PC only on Steam. If you want to find out more and keep an eye on its progress, visit its official website here.

Survival Action Shooter Left Alive: Screenshots and Trailer

Square Enix is working on an extremely promising new game. Left Alive is its name and it’s a survival action shooter with a ton of potential. The game will be released on PS4 and PCs and, judging by its early looks, it will pack a real punch.

In today’s article, you’re going to find out a few details about the upcoming game from Square Enix, check out some screenshots and a game trailer.

Veteran developers Toshifumi Nabeshima (director, Armored Core series), Yoji Shinkawa (character designer, METAL GEAR series), and Takayuki Yanase (mech designer, Ghost in the Shell: Arise, Mobile Suit Gundam 00, Xenoblade Chronicles X) are working together to bring Left Alive to life. Described as a “dark and gritty” action game, Left Alive is coming in 2018, but very little is known about it so far.

We have a beautiful trailer below that gets us in the mood for playing:

There’s also a teaser trailer available which does a good job at keeping us on our toes.

And finally, we have a few screenshots from the game, offering a glimpse of the beautiful in-game graphics.

From the few details that we have, we know that Left Alive will take place in the future, in 2127, in a world ravaged by war and dominated by future tech. Robots and futuristic weapons are the norm, while the fight for survival is real. Who are we fighting against and why – these are questions that are not yet answered.

But more details are coming soon and I’ll me sure to keep you updated. Until then, I think we have enough to consider this game worthy of our “to keep an eye on” list.